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Broad spectrum
post-emergent herbicide for agricultural, industrial, turf, and ornamental
weed control.



Active Ingredient:

Isopropylamine salt
of Glyphosate, N-(phosphonomethyl) glycline……………………………………480 g/L

(Glyhosate acid
equivalent at 300 g/L)

Inert Ingredients: Surfactant,
water…………….520 g/L


Add one-half the
required amount of water to the mixing or spray tank. Add the required amount
of CLEAROUT 41 PLUS and mix well before adding the remaining portion of
water. For knapsack sprayers, it is suggested to mix the solution in a
separate container and then fill the knapsack sprayer with the mixed

Early dry season low
volume spraying (LVS) of CLEAROUT 41 PLUS applied at 200 to 400 liters of
water per hectare provides best results. When sprayed uniformity on tall,
dense foliage of cogon or on shorter species such as mutha, CLEAROUT 41 PLUS
provides a minimum of 7 months weed control.



For enhanced control
against various weeds including cogon, dissolve and add 1% crystalline
ammonium sulfate (AMS) to the spray solution. For best results, follow with
touch-up application on physical misses at 30 days after initial treatment
with 1-liter CLEAROUT 41 PLUS mixed with 1.5 to 2.0 kg AMS in 200 liters of
water per hectare. For Glyphosate-Tolerant Corn variety spray twice - i.e.,
20-25 days after planting, then at 40-45 days after planting - at half the
above rate per application timing. Use the higher recommended rate when weed
population is high and height exceeds beyond knee high.

For mixed weeds
situation, spray 1% solution (2 liters CLEAROUT 41 PLUS mixed with 2 kg AMS
per 200 liters of water) evenly on the weeds. To control weeds around
sensitive plants (ex. Coffee, cacao, citrus, mango, banana, sugarcane and
vegetables) use a wiper to apply 3.30% aqueous solution of CLEAROUT 41 PLUS.
Blanket spray before planting vegetables, com, rubber, oil palm, coconut,
mango, pineapple, coffee, cacao, citrus, banana, and other perennial tree
crops. Minimum or reduced tillage systems for sugarcane, nice, corn, and other
cereals and vegetable crops. Blanket spraying, spot spraying. strip spraying,
or application with wiper around young and mature rubber, Oil palm, coffee,
cacao, sugarcane, mango, citrus, coconut, and banana.

NON-CROP USES: Reforestation areas,
subdivision lots, drainage ditches, irrigation canals, nice levees, around
fishponds, along field boundaries and roadsides, fence rows, railroad tracks,
around buildings, golf courses and memorial parks.


• Store in original
container, tightly closed.

• Avoid skin contact
and inhalation of spray mist or dust.

• Avoid contaminating
sources of water with the chemical and its container.

• Avoid contact with
foliage, green stems of fruit crops or desirable plants and trees to prevent
severe injury or destruction.

• Avoid drift. Use
extreme care when applying this product to prevent drift injury to desirable
plants and crops. Do not apply when winds are gusty or in excess of 8
kilometers per hour or when other conditions may cause drift.


- Itabi sa orihinal
na sisidlan at takpan ng mahigpit.

- Iwasang malagyan
ang balat at malanghap ang ibinomba.

- Iwasang malagyan
ang mga dinadaluyan ng tubig.

FIRST AID: If swallowed and
patient remains conscious, give 1 glass of milk, and induce vomiting by
tickling the back of the throat. In case of eye contact, flush eyes in clean
running water. If chemical comes in contact with the skin, remove all clothes
then wash with soap and water all affected areas. If inhaled, remove patient
from contaminated area and bring to an area with fresh air. In all cases
medical attention is necessary.

NOTE TO PHYSICIAN: Symptomatic and
supportive treatment should be administered.

container. Do not store near seeds, food, and other feedstuffs. Break and
bury container away from crop site and bodies of water.


It is a violation of FPA Rules and Regulations to use this product in a
manner inconsistent with its label. No warranty is applicable concerning the
use of this product. The user assumes all risks and liabilities resulting
from handling, use or application. This product is not intended for repacking
and reformulation.

perennial weeds is obtained when treatment is made at late growth stage
approaching seed head development or flowering. Visible effects in most
annual weeds occur within 2-4 days but on most perennial weeds may not occur
in 7 days or more. Visible effects are gradual wilting and yellowing of the
plant which advances to complete browning of above ground growth and
deterioration of underground plant parts.

Performance of
CLEAROUT 41 PLUS is reduced when treating weeds on wet, low-lying soils.
Repeat application or touch-up application may be required. Reduced results
may also occur if water containing soil is used, such as muddy water from
ponds and unlined ditches.

C.B. Andrew Asia,

Y-2, JY & Sons
Compound, Veterans Road

PHIVIDEC Industrial
Estate, Taguig City 1630

Metro Manila,

Tel. No. (632)
838-4381; (632) 423-1133

Registered with the
Fertilizer and Pesticide Authority pursuant to P.D. 1144

FPA Registration
No.: 400-151-2498


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