Mustard Chinese Kaneko 6 grams sachet


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Crop: Mustard OVP

Variety: Montana 88%

Date Tested: 02-2020

Lot No.: 04-05-33-D00012

Net Wt., 5 grams

Packaging Variant: Plastic sachet

Notes on Seed Sowing: 

1. Fill the seedling tray with good quality Sowing media and sprinkle with water.

2. Lightly press the media in each plug of the seedling tray to make a hole.

3. Sprinkle again with water.

Notes on transplanting: 

1. Dig a hole in the soil and plant the seedlings.

2. Immediately irrigate or water the seedlings after transplanting.

3. To minimize transplanting stress, plant during cloudy days or late in the afternoon. Fertilization: (see table) *alternative application of Peter's 30-10-10 and 9-45-45 on succeeding follow spray application.


1. Do not store in either hot or humid area. Store seeds in a cool, refrigerated, dry place, away from direct sunlight and other sources of heat. Do not store seeds outdoor or for a long time in room temperature or higher.

2. Ideally, seeds should be stored in its original, unopened packaging 15°C or under but above freezing point, and under 50% humidity. Do not open container until about to Sow.

3. Keep remnant seeds in their original packaging, place in a jar with a large quantity of dry silica get out charcoal inside. Seal the jar tightly and place inside the refrigerator. Do not mix with food.

Disclaimer of Warranties: 

In lieu of all other warranties, expressed or implied (including any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose), and other obligations and liabilities, we warrant to the extent of the purchase price that the seeds we sell are as described by us on our container within recognized tolerances. Our liability whether contractual, for negligence or otherwise, is limited in amount to the purchase price of the seeds under all circumstances and regardless of the nature, cause or extent of the loss, and as a condition to any liability in our part, we must receive notice by days after the defect in the seed becomes apparent. Seeds not accepted under these terms and conditions must be returned at once in original unopened containers and the purchase price will be refunded.


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