Hybrid Ampalaya Maura F1 Vhiva 3 grams


WARRANTY AND LIMITATIONS: We warrant that our seeds conform with the labels descriptions, as required by laws.

We make no other warranties, except expressed or implied merchantability and productivity of the seeds we supply.

Vhiva Seeds Company further disclaims any liability for any and all alleged infection is seeds born or secondary-cursed.

We make no representation regarding the seeds we sell as free from diseases.

Crop: Ampalaya

Variety: Maura F1

Germ Test: 85% and above

Purity: 98%

Lot No.: 500LL700VL

Packaging Variant: Plastic sachet

Produced and Distributed by: 

Vhiva Agricultural Supply 

Santiago City, Isabela

FB Account: Vhiva Vhiva Seeds

Avoid exposure to direct sunlight and high temperature.

Keep seeds dry and away from water. Seeds are treated.

Do not use for food, feed, or oil purposes.


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