Ampalaya Bonito F1 East-West tin can medium


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QUANTITY: 100 grams




WARRANTY CLAUSE: Seller warrants that the seeds sold have the properties as indicated on the label. within such tolerances as recognized in the vegetable seed production industry. The seeds are sold as is: the Seller makes no warranty, expressed or implied, other than that above, nor will be held responsible for the crop in any way. The picture on this label is intended to illustrate the type of vegetables: there may be variation in color, shape, and size. Under all circumstances. Seller's entire liability and Buyer's exclusive remedy against Seller is limited to the return of the purchase price of the seeds.

Treated with fungicide. Do not use for food, feed or oil purposes.

Always keep away from direct sunlight or high temperature.

NO EVIDENCE OF BACTERIAL SPOT (Xcv) Based on testing 10,000 and TOBAMO VIRUSES (TMV, ToMV, PMMoV Based on testing 3,000 seeds)


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