Celesia Fresh Look Yellow Seeds of Hope sachet


Seed Count: 20 pcs.

Lot No.: QX00163

Packing Date: April 2021

Packaging Variant: Plastic sachet

Binhi ng Pangkabuhayan at Pangkalusugan, Magpunla tayo ngayon din, Kaibigan!

The logo for the SEEDS OF HOPE depicts the sun which sustains all plants. The twelve rays of the sun signity that with improved seeds and planting technology, most vegetables, short-term fruits and other crops can be grown W whole-year round in the Philippines. The sprouted plant in the middle of the sun signifies that everyone can grow these crops by learning the proper technique of planting.

No one is born with a green thumb. We learn how to plant and harvest great tasting vegetables, pakwan and melons, papayas, supersweet corn, herbs as well as beautiful flowers and ornamentals by knowing our friends” in successful gardening and farming. They are good seeds, fertile soil with the right nutrition and water, the bees, earthworms, beneficial insects and microbes, as well as YOU, who make sure that the seeds and seedlings are cared for, plants regularly watered and fed to keep them healthy, provide ample sunlight and clean air, and knowing the pests and diseases well so that the plants are protected effectively. Lastly, know when to harvest so that you will have tasty and nutritious fruits, veggies and herbs as well as grow flowers and ornamentals to beautify your home and farm.

The SEEDS OF HOPE can provide food and livelihood with the proper knowledge of planting and care. PLEASE KEEP THEM IN A COOL AND DRY PLACE. It is advisable to sow them immediately so that you can enjoy the fruits of your labor soonest.

LIMITATION AND DISCLAIMER OF WARRANTIES: Harbest Agribusiness Corporation warrants that the seeds sold are as described on the label description within recognized tolerance. Harbest disclaims and makes no other warranties, expressed or implied, nor any warranties of merchantability or of fitness for a particular purpose or otherwise.
LIMITATIONS OF LIABILITY: The exclusive remedy for loss or damages due to breach of the foregoing warranty or contract or for negligence or other cause shall be limited to return of purchase price of this product and shall not include any consequential damages.

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Tel. No. 6717411 - 14 Fax No. (02)6712232 Email: harbest@harbest.com.ph
website: http://www.harbest.com.ph
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