Santol (Bangkok)


Sandoricum koetjape, the santolsentul or cotton fruit, is a tropical fruit native to maritime Southeast Asia (Malesia)
The fruits are often the size, shape and slightly fuzzy texture of peaches, with a reddish tinge. Both types have a skin that may be a thin peel to a thicker rind, according to the variety. It is often edible and in some cultivars may contain a milky juice. The central pulp near the seeds may be sweet or sour and contains inedible brown seeds
The fruit grows on a fast-growing tree that may reach 150 feet in height. It bears ribbed leaves and pink or yellow-green flowers about 1 centimeter long.

From Wikipedia (Sandoricum koetjape – Wikipedia)

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Growing Guide: Production Guide for Santol.pdf ( Source: Department of Agriculture- Bureau of Plant Industry

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