Vindex Plus EC 350 Insecticide. 500 ml plastic bottle


For the control of sucking and chewing insect pests of rice and other crops.

250 g/L Phenthoate

100 g/L BPMC

535 g/L Solvent – Xylene

GENERAL INFORMATION: VINDEX® PLUS contains two insecticides effective for the control of chewing and sucking insect pests on various crops.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Mix 24-40 mL per 16 liters of water. Spray when insect appear and repeat at 7 to 10 days interval whenever necessary.

VINDEX® PLUS is recommended to control insects on the following crops:

DOSAGE mL/1 liter water

CROP- Rice

INSECT PESTS- Whorl maggot, green leafhoppers, brown plant hoppers, armyworm, rice bug

24 – 40

CROP- Corn

INSECT PESTS- Corn borer, corn earworm, seedling maggot

CROP- Sorghum


CROP- Tobacco

INSECT PESTS- Budworm, cutworm

CROP- Crucifers

INSECT PESTS- Diamond-backed moth, cabbage worm, aphids

CROP- Citrus

INSECT PESTS- Scale insect, mealybug, aphids, white flies

COMPATIBILITY: Do not mix with highly alkaline compounds. If VINDEX® PLUS is to be mixed with another pesticide or foliar fertilizer for the first time, try spraying a small portion of the field before treating the whole area.

PRE-HARVEST INTERVAL: Do not spray 7 days before harvest on rice and crucifers, 10 days before priming on tobacco and 14 days before harvest on citrus, corn, and sorghum.

RE-ENTRY: Re-entry to treated areas may be done 2 days after treatment.

STORAGE: Re-entry to treated areas may be done 2 days after treatment.

CONTAINER DISPOSAL: Triple rinse, puncture and crush empty containers and dispose by burying 45 cm deep in an isolated location away from water sources.

NOTICE: No warranty of any kind, expressed or implied, is made concerning the use of this product. User assumes all risks and liabilities resulting from the use, handling, or application.

PROHIBITION: It is a violation of FPA rules and regulations to use this product in a manner inconsistent with its label.


PRECAUTIONS: This product is a poison. Follow use, storage, and disposal instructions. When working or preparing the product, avoid prolonged contact with skin. Wear gloves, respirator, and long-sleeved clothing. If contamination occurs, flush eyes with plenty of water. Wash affected skin thoroughly with soap and water. After use, wash hands and face thoroughly. Wash contaminated clothing before re-use. Do not eat, drink, or smoke while using this product.

BABALA: Ang produktong ito ay lason. Sundin ang tagubilin sa paggamit, pagtatago, at pagtatapon ng basyong lalagyan. Habang naghahawak o nagtitimpla ng produktong ito. Iwasan ang matagalang pagkakadikit sa balat. Gumamit ng guwantes, respirator, at damit na mahaba ang manggas. Kung natalsikan, idilat ang mata sa malinis at umaagos na tubig. Sabunin at hugasan mabuti ang mukha at mga kamay. Labhang mabuti ang natalsikang damit bago muling gamitin. Huwag manigarilyo, kumain, o uminom habang ginagamit ang produkto.

SIGNS AND SYMPTOMS OF POISONING: Signs and symptoms of poisoning include headache, giddiness, nausea, nervousness, blurred vision, weakness, cramps, diarrhea, discomfort in the chest, sweating, tearing, salivation, and constricted pupils. In sever poisoning, muscle twitching, inability to walk, and respiratory arrest may occur.


If swallowed: Give 1-2 glasses of water and do not include vomiting unless medical attention is delayed by one hour. Never give anything by mouth to an unconscious convulsing person. Get medical attention immediately.

If on skin: Remove contaminated clothing and wash affected areas with soap and water. Get medical attention as soon as possible if symptoms are occurring.

If on eyes: Flush eyes with clean running water for at least 15 minutes. Get medical attention.

If inhaled: Remove from contaminated area to fresh air. If breathing is shallow or has ceased, apply artificial respiration. Get medical attention.

NOTE TO PHYSICIAN: Phenothoate and BPMC are both chplinesterase inhibitor. Xylene can cause chemical pneumonitis.

Special treatment consists of parental atropine sulfate. Caution should be maintained to prevent over atropinization. Mild cases may be given 1 to 2 mg intramuscurlary even 10 minutes until full atropinization has been achieved and repeated thereafter whenever symptoms re-appear. Severe cases should be given 2 to 4 mg intravenously every 10 minutes until fully atropinized, then intramuscularly every 30 to 60 minutes to maintain the effect for at least 12 hours. Dosages for children should be appropriately reduced. Complete recovery from over exposure can be expected within 24 hours.

Registered with the Fertilizer and Pesticide Authority Pursuant to P.D. 1144 FDA Registration No.: 284-139-0208



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