Lamda 2.5 EC Insecticide (Grandia Agrimarketing Corp.) 1 liter plastic bottle


Insecticide for Corn, Mango, Mungbean, Onion, Rice, Tomato, and Watermelon and Other Crops Specified Under Directions for Use


Lambda cyhalothrin……………………25 g/L


Emulsifier………………………………75 g/L

Aromatic Solvent……………………….900 g/L

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Grandia Lambda 2.5 EC is registered for use on crops and pests listed below. Mix water as indicated. Start spraying as soon as pests appear. If needed, repeat 7-14 days interval. Shorten spray interval during heavy infestations. Apply a spray volume at 1.5L/ha for mango and 5.0 L/ha for other crops.


COMPATILIBITY: Not compatible for alkaline-based components and copper fungicide.

PRE-HARVEST: Re-entry to treated field is allowed as soon as spray dries.

DIRECTIONS FOR STORAGE AND DISPOSAL: Store in a cool, dry place, away from food, food containers and animals or pets. Keep away from heat or open flames. Empty containers should not be used and should be destroyed and buried in deep pits far from sources of water. Do not store Grandia Lambda 2.5 EC at temperature below 15°C or above 27°C (80°F) for prolonged periods.

PROHIBITION / WARRANTY: It is a violation of FPA rules and regulations to use this product in a manner inconsistent with its label.

PRECAUTIONS: Store in original container, tightly closed and out of reach of children and domestic animals. Avoid skin contact and inhalation of spray mist. May cause irritation and sensitization on exposed skin. Wash thoroughly with soap and water before meals and after work. Avoid contamination of any water supply with the chemical or empty container.

ENVIRONMENTAL HAZARDS: Toxic to fish and bees.

BABALA: Panatilihing nasa orihinal na lalagyan, nakasarang mahigpit at iimbak sa lugar na malayo sa mga bata at alagang hayop. Iwasang malagyan ang balat o makalanghap ng lason. Hugasang mabuti ang alinmang bahagi ng katawan bago kumain o pagkatapos magtrabaho. Iwasang mapunta ang lason o lalagyan sa lugar ng tubig, lawa, ilog, o dagat.

SIGNS AND SYMPTOMS OF POISONING: May produce tremors, ataxia, weakness of limbs, muscle spasm, salivation, and irritability to sound and touch. Large doses may produce excitation, dyspnea, and convulsions.


If swallowed, and patient is conscious, give 1-2 glasses of water. Do not induce vomiting. May do careful gastric lavage if feasible. Get medical attention immediately.

If inhaled, remove from contaminated area and bring patient to fresh air.

If on skin, remove contaminated clothing and wash affected areas with plain soap and water.

If in eyes, flush with clean free-flowing water for at least 15 minutes. In all circumstances, get medical attention immediately.

NOTE TO PHYSICIAN: Can cause sensitization and irritation on exposure to mucous membranes. The product contains petroleum distillates which causes chemical pneumonitis if inhaled or swallowed. In case of systemic poisoning, treat symptomatically. Diazepam for convulsion and maintenance of fluid and electrolyte may be indicated in anaphylactic reactions.

NOTE TO BUYER: No warranty of any kind, expressed or implied is made concerning the use on cl. User assumes all risk and liability resulting from handling, use or application.



Tel. Nos. (02) 524-1078; (02) 521-8451 loc. 2311

Distributed by:

Grandia Agrimarketing Corp.

01 de Leon St., Poblacion, San Migues, Bulacan

Registered with the Fertilizer and Pesticide Authority Pursuant to P.D. 1144

FPA Registration No.: 445-204-2995

Batch No.: 1121-146

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