Borex 5 SC Insecticide (Vast) 500 ml plastic bottle



For the control of major insect pests of rice, cabbage, eggplant, watermelon, and onion as specific under Direction for Use.


Active Ingredient:

Fipronil 50 g/L

Inerts 950 g/L

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: BOREX 5 SC is a pyrazole contact/stomach insecticide which provides effective control against major insect pests of various crops. Acting specifically in immobilizing the GABA-regulated chloride channel of the insect nervous system, BOREX 5 EC shows rather a longer residual activity of control.

APPLICATION METHOD/FREQUENCY: Thoroughly mix the recommended dose rare of BOREX 5 SC with sufficient water and apply as high volume spray when insect pest infections are first noted. Repeat spray application whenever necessary or when insect populations persist,

COMPATABILITY: Do not apply in combination with other materials unless chemical and physical compatibility are known.

RE-ENTRY: One day after application. Do not apply 7 days before harvest.

STORAGE AND DISPOSAL: Store in original container, tightly closed locked in a safe place away from the reach of children and animals. Do not store near seeds, food, and feedstuffs. Do not store near heat or open flame. Keep out of direct sunlight. Bury empty containers in an isolated area at least 0.5m and away from sources of water. Do not re-use empty containers.

PROHIBITION/WARRANTY:  It is a violation of FPA rules and regulations to use this product in a manner inconsistent with its label. No warranty of any kind expressed or implied is made concerning the use of this product. User assumes all risks and liabilities resulting from handling, use or application.


WARNING: This product may be helpful if swallowed, inhaled, or absorbed through the skin. If the product concrete is swallowed, the chemical can cause chemical pneumonitis.

PRECAUTIONS: Store in original container, tightly closed and away from food and feedstuff. Never eat, drink, or smoke while handling, mixing or spraying. Wear protective clothing, including waterproof gloves, long pants and long-sleeved shirt when handling the concrete. Avoid contact with skin, eyes. And clothing. Remove and wash contaminated clothing before re-use. Wash and bath thoroughly after work. Avoid contamination of any water supply with the chemical or its empty container. Do not use in areas where bees are foraging.

BABALA: Itago sa orihinal na lalagyan, nakasarang mahigpit at malayo sa pagkain ng tao o hayop. Huwag kumain, uminom, o manigarilyo habang humahawak, naghahalo, o nagbobomba. Magsuot ng damit pananggalang tulad ng guwantes, mahabang pantalon o damit na mahaba ang manggas kapag humahawak ng pamatay-peste. Iwasang mahawahan ang balat, mata at damit. Hubarin at labhan ang nahawahang damit bago muling gamitin. Maligo pagkatapos humawak ng pamatay-peste. Iwasang mapunta ang lason o lalagyan nito sa lugar ng inuming tubig, lawa, ilog, o dagat.

SIGNS AND SYMPTOMS OF POISONING: In severe cases of overexposed by oral ingestion, lethargy, muscle tremors, and, in extreme cases, possible convulsion may occur.

FIRST AID TREATMENT: In case of one or more of the above symptoms appear, stop working and immediately perform first aid treatment accordingly as stated below. Skin splashes/contact: Immediately wash contaminated skin with soap and water. Washing must be prolonged for at least 15 minutes. Remove contaminated clothing and wash thoroughly before re-use. Eye splashes/contact: Hold eyelids open and flush with steady, gentle stream of water for at least 15 minutes. If inhaled: Remove the patient from the immediate source of exposure. If no breathing is felt, conduct cardio-pulmo-resuscitation or artificial respiration. If ingested: Induce vomiting by touching the back of the throat with a finger. If patient is unconscious, do not induce vomiting nor give anything by mouth. In all cases: Get medical attention immediately.

NOTE TO PHYSICIAN: In case of suspected overexposure to BOREX 5 SC, treat symptomatically. Consideration should also be given to the possibility that overexposure to materials other than this product may have occurred. Phenobarbital, and to a lesser extent benzodiazepines, have been shown experimentally to be effective in preventing convulsions induced by BOREX 5 SC. Fipronil is slowly absorbed through the gut. Absorption may be decreased by the use of gastric lavage, saline, purgative, and activated charcoal possible (entero-hepatic circulation).


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