Grastop 70 EC Herbicide (Vast) 500 ml plastic bottle


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Early post-emergent herbicide for maximum control of annual grasses, broadleaves, and sedges in transplanted and direct-seeded dryland and upland rice.


Butachlor…………………………….350 g/L

Propanil……………………………...350 g/L

Emulsifier & Solvents……………….300 g/L


1. Ensure thorough preparation and leveling of land for proper water management.

2. To drain excess water, prepare parallel canals in the paddy field at every 4-5 meters.

3. Measure area of individual paddy to determine and exact amount of herbicide at apply.

4. Follow the method and timing of application of Grastop 70 EC indicated in the table below.


RE-ENTRY PERIOD: As soon as the spray mist dries up.

STORAGE AND DISPOSAL: Do not store near seeds, feeds, and other foodstuffs. Do not reuse container. Break and bury in non-crop areas away from water resources.

WEED RESISTANCE MANAGEMENT STATEMENT: When herbicides with the same mode of action are used repeatedly over several years to control the same weed species in the same field, naturally occurring resistant weed biotypes may survive a correctly applied herbicide treatment, propagate, and become dominant in the field. These resistant weed biotypes may not be adequately controlled. Cultural practices such as tillage, preventing weed escapes from going to seed, and using herbicides with different modes of action within and between crop seasons can aid in delaying the proliferation and possible dominance of herbicide resistant weed biotypes.

BABALA: Itago sa orihinal na lalagyan na nakasarang mahigpit at malayo sa pagkain ng tao o hayop. Huwag kumain, uminom, o manigailyo habang nagbobomba. Magsuot ng damit pananggalang o lumang damit na mahaba ang manggas at guwantes habang nagtitimpla. Huwag magbomba pasalungat sa hangin. Iwasang matapunan ang balat o malanghap ang lason. Hugasang mabuti ang kamay at nakalabas na balat bago kumain at pagkatapos magbomba. Sunugin o ibaon sa lupa at basyong lalagyan. Iwasang matapunan ng lason o basyong lalagyan ang anumang daluyan ng tubi na pinaghuhunan ng inumin.

SYMPTOMS OF POISONING: May cause eye and skin irritation or allergic skin reaction. Vapor can irritate nose and throat. If ingested, the substance can cause stupor, dizziness, fever, and drowsiness.


If swallowed: If patient is conscious, give 1-2 glass of water. Do not induce vomiting. May do careful gastric lavage if possible. Get medical attention immediately.

If inhaled: Remove from contaminated area to bring fresh air.

If on skin: Remove contaminated clothing and wash affected areas with plain soap and water. Wash clothing before reuse.

If in eyes: Immediately flush eyes with running water for 15 minutes. Get medical attention immediately.

NOTE TO PHYSICIAN: Give symptomatic and supportive treatment. Provide oxygen if the affected person is unconscious. If swallowed, drink plenty of water with activated charcoal slurry to be followed with sodium sulfate. However, if signs and symptoms of upper gastric intestinal irritation (inability or pain upon swallowing, oral burns, abdominal pain, etc.) are present, maintain on N.P.O and manage as caustic ingestion aside from the other toxic effects.

PROHIBITION WARRANTY: It is a violation of FPA rules and regulations to use this product in a manner inconsistent with its label. No warranty of any kind expressed or implied is made concerning the use of this product. User assumes all risks and liabilities resulting from handling, use or application.


National Poison Control Center and Information Service PGH, Manila

Tel. (02) 521-8450

Loc. 2311 – (02) 524-1078

Vicente Sotto Medical Center

B. Rodriguez St., Cebu City

Tel. (032) 253-9891 loc. 353

Davao Medical Center

Bajada, Davao City

Tel. (082) 227-2731

A quality product of:


Agro Solutions, Inc.

Pili, Camarines Sur, PH

Registered with the Fertilizer and Pesticide Authority pursuant to P.D. 1144

FPA Registration No.:385-238-1975

Batch No.: 1904


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