Kevlar 250 EC Fungicide (S&P Enterprises Inc.) 250 ml plastic bottle


Systemic fungicide for the control of diseases in rice, banana, mango, tomato, onion, cabbage, and other crops specified under directions for use.




Solvent (Aromatic hydrocarbons)…………to 1L

Kevlar 250 EC is a systemic fungicide that acts during the penetration and haustoria formation stage of the fungal pathogen. It interferes with the synthesis of sterol in the cell membrane thereby stopping fungal development. It stops the development of the sub-cuticular growth of the mycelium, preventing development of disease.




Mango – commence spraying at the first sign of anthracnose infection and repeat applications as necessary for maximum of three spray cycles, the last spray being 2-3 weeks before harvest. Use higher dilution rate when anthracnose infection is severe.

Rice – apply at 45 and 60 days after transplanting.

Stringbeans – apply at 14 days after emergence and at 7 days interval thereafter.

Eggplant – apply at 21 days after emergence and at 7 days interval thereafter.

Cabbage – apply at 1 month after transplanting and at 7 days interval thereafter.

Tomato – apply at 7 days after transplanting and at 7 days thereafter.

Asparagus – commence application at the onset of the rainy season and repeat every 7 days thereafter.

Onion – commence application at 1 week after transplanting and repeat every 7 days

Banana – To effectively control Sigatoka, apply as foliar spray at the rate of 75-100 g ai per hectare (0.3-0.4 L product/Ha) as an oil-water emulsion. Typical emulsion is composed of 5L banana spray oil + 0.05 L of emulsifier + dose rate of Kevlar 250 EC + water to make 30 L spray volume/ha. Apply Kevlar 250 EC as low volume aerial spray with the used of fixed-wing aircraft filled with appropriate micronaire nozzles. Apply the product at the interval of 15-22 days when the infection level is moderate, 7-17 days when infection is high. Integrate the Kevlar 250 Ec in the overall control program using disease monitoring as basis for proper application timing. The first application should begin at the onset of the rainy season covering a total 6-8 cycles depending on the length of the rainy season. Shift to other products with a different mode of action during whole dry or low-pressure period. When the annual rainfall is interrupted, a block of 3 Kevlar 250 EC of 2-3 cycles each is recommended. This block wise spray will ensure a long-term economical but effective Sigatoka control program all year round. The treatments during the period of dry interruptions should be covered with non-DMI fungicides.


PRE-HARVEST INTERVAL: Mango 14 days, Stringbeans, eggplant, tomato, cabbage, onion and asparagus 7 days.

COMPATIBILITY: Compatible to commonly used pesticides except those alkaline in nature


Store in original container tightly closed and away from the sun or damp areas.

Keep in a well-ventilated area away from food and feeds under lock and key, wear protective clothing, waterproof gloves, overalls or long-sleeved shirts, eye and face protection and solid footwear when handling concentrate and applying the product. Wash all contaminated clothing and equipment before use. Take a bath and change into clean clothing after work. Avoid contamination of any water supply with the chemical.


Ilagay and produkto sa lugar na hindi maabot ng mga bata. Ito ay nakalalason kapag nalunok, nalanghap o nadikit sa balat. Mag-suot ng damit pananggalang habang gumagamit ng produkto. Iwasang malagyan ang balat, mata o damit. Huwag manigarilyo, kakain o iinom habang nagbobomba.Labhang mabuti at ihiwalay ang damit na ginamit sa pag-bobomba bago muling gamitin.

SYMPTOMS OF POISIONING: No case of human poisoning is on record. Laboratory studies in rats report to specific poisoning Symptoms may include hypoactive apaxia, lacrimation, salivation, hypothermia, and prostration.


If swallowed, do not induce vomiting because the product contains hydrocarbon solvents. Instead, give large quantities of activated charcoal slurry and seek medical attention. Never give anything by mouth to an unconscious person. If inhaled, remove victim from area of exposure and bring to fresh air. In case of skin contact, wash affected area with plenty of water. If in eyes, flush eyes with clean and running water for 15 minutes. CALL A PHYSICIAN IN CASE OF INTOXICATION and provide copy of the label.

NOTE TO PHYSICIAN: There is no specific antidote. Treat symptomatically.


Toxic to fish. Do not contaminate water used for irrigation or domestic purposes or water areas such as flowing or stagnant water by the disposal of the product wastes or empty containers. Freshly treated area must not be grazed, no food or feed collected from it. All livestock must be kept out. Do not use in areas near aquatic resources or sources.


Store and use material tightly closed in original container only. Place in cool dry area away from seeds, food, feeds and water supply. Do not reuse empty container. Destroy by burning or burying with wastes. Stay away from fumes or smoke.


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