Kelpak Foliar Fertilizer (BASF) 1 liter plastic bottle


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auxins and cytokinins

A pure seaweed extract produced from the freshly harvested Ecklonia maxima seaweed species with a high auxin-like activity that promotes root development, pollen germination, fertilization, & fruit set, improves plant growth increase yield.


Auxine 11.0mg/L

Cytokinins 0.03mg/L


Kelpak PGR is a liquid seaweed extract plant growth regulator produced from freshly harvested Ecklonia maxima kelp, growing exclusively in the cold, nutrient-rich waters of the South African West Coast. This unique seaweed species has a prolific growth rate due to its natural plant stimulant content. Using the proprietary Cellburst high-pressure differential extraction process, no heat, freezing or harsh chemicals are used ensuring all the compounds are maintained in their natural active form.

Kelpak PGR® is an agricultural biostimulant with numerous scientific studies proving its natural growth promoting abilities. Kelpak PGR is completely non-toxic to humans, animals, birds, & insects & is neither flammable nor explosive. The product is biodegradable & beneficial to soils.

DISCLAIMER: This fresh seaweed extract is manufactured & packaged under controlled conditions to be stable during transport & storage in original sealed container under recommended storage conditions. To avoid contamination, use contents upon opening or as soon as possible thereafter. Although widely tested under different conditions, the manufacturer, distributor, & registration holder do not warrant its efficacy under all conditions. Its performance may be affected by abnormal soil, climatic & storage conditions, dilution water quality, compatibility with other substances & method, time & accuracy of application. The manufacturer does not accept responsibility for any incidental or consequential damage to crops or for the product’s lack of performance due to user’s failure to follow label instructions, or to occurrence of unforeseen conditions. In no event shall the manufacturer’s liability ever exceed the purchase price paid. Consult supplier in the event of any uncertainty. Kelpak® PGR is a natural product that may exhibit color shading variances due to seasonal changes in the fresh raw material.

Kelpak® PGR should be used in conjunction with normal fertilizer programs. Kelpak® PGR is compatible with most agrochemicals (provided the solutions does not have a pH higher than 7).





5-6ml/1L water

Apply at 0.21 DAT and at 14-21 day interval thereafter


2 tbsp/10L water



Dip potato seed pieces in the solution for 5 minutes before planting

Spray 3 weeks after plant emergencies using dilution rate 1:125

Apply 14 days after first application


5 tbsp/10L


Dip seedling in the solution 5 minutes before planting

Spray 14 days after transplanting using dilution rate of 1:125. Repeat application twice at 14-day intervals



10 tbsp/10L water


Dip cutting in the solutions for 5 minutes before planting into root beds

Spray 14 days after transplanting using dilution rate at 1:125. Repeat application twice at 14-day intervals using similar dilution rate.

Bottle cap is equivalent to 40ml | 1 tbsp = 10 ml

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BASF Philippines, Inc. 11/F Hanjin Bldg.

1128 University Parkway, Taguig City

1634 Metro Manila

Country of Origin: South Africa

Manufactured by: Kelp Products (Pty) Ltd.

Shelf life: 2 years

FPA Registration No.: 385-229-2808

Batch No.: 1909.20 AD


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