Jem’s Foliar Natural Liquid Fertilizer


Preparation: Foliar Spraying-add 10 ML of NLF for every 1 L of water; Drenching-add 1 ML of NLF for every 1 L of water

Application: Timing: early morning(between 5am-6 am) or late in the afternoon (between 5pm-6pm), when temperature is not high and without direct sunlight (the indigenous microorganisms cannot tolerate high temperature and effectivity will be compromised).

Frequency: Daily application is recommended for immediate results for all kinds of plants (Note that fruir bearing trees require higher concentration of NLF, about 2 L of NLF per tree) Other uses/coverage of application: This is applicable to all types of plants, household use, pets, poultry and swine to remove foul odor. Indigenous microorganisms present in NLF feed on ammonica and enhances the decomposition process. Dilution is similar to drenching: 1 ML for every 1 L of water DO NOT APPLY AT THE SAME TIME WITH PESTICIDES

Storage: Store in a cool dry place with cap slighlty open to allow microorganisms to respire

EXPIRATION DATE: No expiration date if properly stored

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