Tissue-Cultured Banana (Lakatan)


FOR PRE-ORDER: Lead Time- 3 months.

Plant Height: 11.5 cm
Number of Leaves: 5-6
Leaf Length: 16.3 cm
Leaf Width: 7 cm
Stem diameter: 4 cm
Pot Height: 9.5 cm
Pot Diameter: 10 cm

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FOR PRE-ORDER: Lead Time- 3 months.
Order should be placed 3 months before delivery. It takes 3 months for the plant to establish its leaves and root system. Please prepare your farm during the lead time period.

Banana-Tissue-Cultured Lakatan, hardened with established root system, Disease-free
The seedlings were inoculated with biofertilizer. Mykovam is a soil-based fertilizer that contains live fungi which helps the plant absorb water and nutrients. It also prevents root infection by other pathogens.

Disclaimer: All measurements are taken from representative samples and could indicate averages, not exact figures.


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Dimensions9.5 × 10 × 11.5 cm