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Net Weight: 500 grams

Plastic pouch packaging





Potassium (K2O)….18.0%


FPA Registration No. 1-1IF-0621-TPA



OK is an innovative, sodium-free, highly soluble formulation for prevention and correction of boron deficiencies. This product also helps when sodium or nitrogen, as companion elements to boron, may negatively affect crop quality of sensitive crops (sugar beet). OK is soluble in liquid fertilizers and pesticide sprays and can be applied to either the soil (pre-plant or pre-emergence) or leaf canopy of horticultural crops, grains and tree crops. Conventional and low volume sprays are possible. Boron is essential for cell division, flower pollination, fruit setting, nitrogen metabolism and protein synthesis. It reduces premature fruit drop, cracking, pitting, deformation and discoloration of the fruit. Boron increases sugar translocation and fruit resistance to handling, cold, pest and storages,

DIRECTION FOR USE: Dosage per 16 L load or 200 L drum


 (rate/load or drum)

Corn2-3 Tbsp per 16 L loadApply at 30 DAP and 45 DAP
Rice2 Tbsp per 16 L loadApply at panicle initiation, booting, heading and at milked dough stage
Potato and other root crops2 Tbsp per 16 L loadApply 3 times starting from tuber formation
Tomato, eggplant, pepper, okra, watermelon2-3 Tbsp per 16 L loadFlower initiation to fruit development up to maturity
Citrus and pomelo, fruit trees100-200 g per 200 L drumApply 2-3 sprays, to improve lignification and temperature stress resistance for early establishment. Apply 2-3 sprays during flower to fruit development.


CAUTION: Avoid spraying under hot, sunny daylight and during crop blooming. In concentrated solution do not mix with calcium