Leads Agri Brofreya 20SC 100ml


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Brofreya is a revolutionary insecticide under IRAC group 30 for the management of Leps & sucking pests in Chilli, Cabbage, Brinjal & Okra crops. Broflanilide insecticide prevents GABA from transmitting inhibitory signals, which causes overexcitation of the nervous system and leads to incapacitation of the insect. It does this by binding to a novel insecticide site on the GABA receptor that locks it closed.

A contact translaminar insecticide that controls fruit and shoot borers.

Highly residual - long lasting effect up to 10 days.
Most effective product for resistance management.
Very good rainfastness (when spray dries up. product remains effective even after rainfall). •No phytotoxicity to crops.
Low toxicity to non-target and beneficial organisms.

Fall Armyworms
Frut and Shoot Boer and Thrips
DOSAGE RATE: 0.5 - 1 Tbsp / 16 L of water