1. How do I create an account at GOEden?


  1. What makes a strong password?


  1. I forgot my password. What do I do?


  1. I forgot my username. What do I do?


  1. How do I change my password?


  1. Safety tips to avoid being hacked or scammed.


  1. How do I complete my account information?


  1. How do I update/change my account information (e.g. mobile number and email)?


  1. How Do I Link/Unlink My Social Media Account From GOEden?


  1. How do I delete my account?


  1. Can I Register Again After Deleting My Account?


  1. Can I Access GOEden From Multiple Devices?


  1. Why Is My Account Deletion Request Rejected?




  1. How do I place an order?

Enter the keywords in the search bar. Select the product of choice.Indicate quantity at the bottom of the product photo. Go back to the browsing page/shop products to continue shopping. 


  1. How do I checkout?



Please remember to write your order number or tracking order.


  1. Is there a minimum and maximum order ceiling? (Bulk vs retail)

Maximum order is PHP 3,000,000.00 per transaction. Should you exceed this order, please email at us info@goedenph.com


Each product has its maximum quantity indicated in the box beside quantity. This figure is dependent on the availability of supplies. Should you need quantities beyond the ceiling provided, please email us at  info@goedenph.com so we can accommodate your purchase request. This will be subject to the immediate availability of the products you want to buy and may require longer lead times.


  Depending on the maximum capacity of transportify trucks??? 


  1. How do I check-out my cart using COD?


  1. How do I check-out my cart using Bank Deposit?


  1. How do I check-out my cart with VISA or MASTERCARD PAYMENT?
  2. How do I cancel an order?
  3. How will I know if my transaction was successful?
  4. Why can’t I checkout? 
  5. Can I order without an account at GOEden?
  6. Can I call GOEden to place an order?
  7. Can I change items for my order after my order has been placed?
  8. Do I have to pay a fee when I cancel my order (before and after it has been shipped)?
  9. Can I change the delivery address of the order after it has been placed?
  10. How do I remove items in my shopping cart?
  11. Will I receive an order confirmation after placing my order?
  12. How do I apply promo codes and discount coupons in my order?



  1. What payment methods are supported by GOEden?
  2. How will I know if my payment was posted? Will I get a receipt?
  3. If my payment was not posted successfully with GOEden, will I get notified? 
  4. If I pay today, when will my payment be credited?
  5. What is Cash on Delivery?
  6. Can I use a credit card which not under my name to place an order?
  7. Does GOEden keep credit card information?
  8. Which credit cards are accepted for my payment?
  9. Why am I not able to pay via my paypal account?
  10. Why was I charged the wrong amount for my order?
  11. Can I cancel an order after my order has been shipped?
  12. How do I know if my cancellation receipt was accepted?
  13. I just cancelled my order. How do I get my money back?



  1. When will my orders be delivered?

GOEden is doing it’s best to deliver your order within the intended delivery lead time (Standard or express). You may track your order by entering your tracking number here:




  1. Can GOEden deliver anywhere in the Philippines?

GOEden is servicing Region 3, 4 and NCR at the moment. We hope you can extend your patience as we are trying to reach more areas across the Philippines.


  1. My order status says DELIVERED but I did not receive it. What do I do?

GOEden will wait for 60 minutes at the delivery address. GOEden only hands in the orders to the designated person. A delivery receipt will be signed upon receipt of goods in good condition. If the item is received by a different person, a picture will be taken with the person who received it and a copy of his/her valid ID. If the items did not reach the intended recipient, GOEden will investigate with its logistics partner(s) and will get back to you. Please email your concerns at info@goedenph.com.


  • Order Number
  • Order Tracking Number
  • Name
  • Concern 
  • Email and Contact No.


  1. My order is delayed. When do I receive it?

GOEden will notify you on the new estimated time of arrival via text and/or email. You may also view your updated order status here:




  1. What if I am not available when the package arrives?

Please designate an authorized personnel to receive the package. You may inform GOEden by replying to the logistics provider the following:

  •  Name of authorized recipient
  • Relationship to authorized recipient

The authorized recipient must provide a valid ID upon the receipt of goods.


  1. Can I purchase multiple items and have them delivered to different addresses?

Yes. Please provide an alternate delivery address upon check out.



  1. Do I get notified via call or text before delivery? 

Yes. Our logistics partner will send you an SMS prior to delivery. Please confirm availability or provide an authorized recipient. 


SMS Screenshot plus sample reply


  1. Why is my order cancelled due to failed delivery?


If the order quantities exceed the maximum supply available, the order will be cancelled. You will be notified should a product suddenly become out of stock. Refunds will be processed immediately.



An order may be cancelled in the occurrence of unforeseen circumstances such as inclement weather conditions, road closures,  or natural calamities that may prevent our logistics partner to deliver your orders. We ask for your understanding as these situations are beyond our control. The safety of our staff and our partners is also important to GOEden.



An order may be cancelled if GOEden does not receive an alternate recipient should the primary recipient not be available during delivery.

GOEden will wait for 30 minutes at the delivery address. GOEden will do its best to contact the primary recipient. If the primary recipient is not available and no alternate recipient is provided, the items will be returned to GOEden.


 A second delivery attempt will be made but with expenses charged to the buyer. Should he/she fail to pay,  the user account will be penalized from ordering at the site for a span of 30 days.


7.3.1. For Pre-Scheduled Bookings, cancellation must be made at least two (2) hours before the scheduled pick-up time, otherwise, a cancellation fee equivalent to thirty percent (30%) of the Ordinary Transport Fare;

7.3.2. For Immediate Bookings, in the event the Business Customer cancels upon or after arrival of the Business Driver, a cancellation fee equivalent to thirty percent (30%) of the Ordinary Transport Fare

  1. Does GOEden deliver during weekends and holidays?

Yes. Our logistics partner operates 24/7 including weekends and holidays.


  1. How do I check the proof of delivery of my order?

A delivery receipt and photo is uploaded upon the completion of the order.
Please go to your order (link), click status.


  1. Why did I receive my orders in separate deliveries?

This occurs because the  items in your order exceed the allowed capacity of a designated vehicle. That means the whole order may be carried by more than 1 vehicle. Another possible reason is the handling of products. If there are products that cannot be mixed with other items, or products that require special handling, they will need to be delivered separately. 


This means your order may be delivered into two or three shipments/vehicles. 

We hope you can extend your patience and understanding as we are trying to deliver your orders in their best quality.

  1. Is there a GOEden EXPRESS delivery?

??? Yes. If you need your items sooner, you may choose express delivery. Please note that shipping fees using express delivery are higher compared to standard delivery.


  1. Where can I check my shipping fee when placing an order?

Screen shot/



  1. How do I receive my order?


Once the order is processed, you will receive a notification via SMS to inform you that your order is on its way. To avoid a failure of delivery and additional charges for redelivery, please make sure that you are available during the schedule of the delivery and receipt of the order. For large orders, a valid ID may be requested to ensure that orders are received by the recipient or an authorized recipient.


  1. When do I receive my order?

You will receive your order depending on whether it is a regular or express delivery.

There are estimated lead times which may be affected by certain factors beyond the control of GOEden such as traffic jams, inclement weather conditions, typhoons and other natural calamities. Should you need the items in a specific time frame, we highly encourage you to order in advance.


  1. Do I get an official receipt for my order?

Yes. GOEden will issue an e-receipt in your email and a hard copy of the official receipt upon delivery of your order.


  1. How can I contact GOEden Customer Service?

Please email us at info@goedenph.com and you may call us at 09292134680. 


  1. What is “days to ship”?

Days to ship refers, also known as delivery lead time refers to the number of days it takes for the order to arrive upon pick-up at the warehouse until the order arrives to you. This depends on the delivery address of the buyer, operating hours of the warehouse(s) and the operating hours of our partner couriers. 


  1. What is the difference between standard delivery and express delivery?

Standard delivery refers to the estimated date of arrival of your package per usual shipment schedule while express delivery means your package gets prioritized for shipment and arrives earlier compared to standard delivery.


Make sure you are aware of the lead times prior to finalizing/placing your order.


  1. How do I track the status of my order?

You may track your order here:
Link (Track my order header of website, track my order under my purchases in my account, third party website)



  1. What to do during and after delivery?
    During delivery, prior to signing the delivery receipt, please check the quantity and quality of items received. Ensure that the items ordered are not lacking in quantity, packaged in an acceptable packaging, no broken items, no missing/lacking items,  and no torn packaging. Check expiry dates if possible. If all items are received in good condition, please sign the delivery receipt. 

Make sure that all items are unloaded in a safe space that will not block traffic. Only GOEden staff are allowed to unload the items from the delivery vehicle.

 After signing the delivery receipt, please move all your items in a safe storage especially those that cannot be in contact with moisture/water. 


  1. What is a failed delivery?



  1. Can I return orders? How do I return orders?

Yes through GOEden immediately after the delivery. No return orders will be accepted after this time frame. You may not return an order after the delivery due to the fact that some products require special handling and may not be accepted by any courier/shipping company (e.g. broken/leaky pesticide bottle). GOEden has a separate quality assurance mechanism in order to minimize the occurrence of such events. Upon the signing of the waiver after unloading, products must be checked for the following:

  • BROKEN ORDERS: Broken glass, products that are leaking, orders with open or torn packaging affecting the quality of the product inside.
  • WRONG ORDERS: Orders that are not purchased by the buyer but are included in the delivery
  • DEFECTIVE ORDERS: Orders that are past their expiration dates, seeds past their viability dates, and items with unacceptable and poor quality (e.g. caking of fertilizer) need to elaborate list
  • EXCESS ORDERS: Orders that are excess in quantity 


These shall be noted in the delivery receipt and GOEden will handle the redelivery of the defective products. These products must be returned to GOEden’s delivery vehicles. GOEden staff will take care of the handling of any of these items. All items must be handled properly and will be disposed properly following GOEden’s approved material safety handling procedures. 


A Form will be asked to be filled out if the items will be for REFUND or for REPLACEMENT.


Insert form here.


  1. How do I get a refund?


Please note that all return/refund requests must be made within a period dictated by GOEden.


Type of RefundProcess
From Cancelled OrdersYour refund will be immediately processed after the cancellation of the order.
From Return OrdersYour refund will be processed after the review and validation of the delivery receipt, photos, complaints and actual returned items by GOEden staff.
From Failed DeliveryYour refund will be processed once the items have been returned to GOEden. This may take longer than usual depending on the buyer’s delivery address.


Refund time frame based on Payment Method


Type of RefundProcess
CODPayment purchases from COD will be provided an option for actual refund or conversion of the refund to purchasing credits.

The processing time will take around 3 working days (excluding weekends and public holidays).

You may choose “Pay with GOEden credits” for the next purchase.

Credit/Debit cardPayments will be refunded to the respective card and will take  5-7 business days for credit cards and up to 45 days for debit cards depending on the bank.
Bank transfer Payments will be refunded to the  bank and will take  XXXX business days depending on the bank.




  1. For what reasons can I return an order/item?
  2. When is a return accepted or rejected?
  3. Is there a packaging requirement in returning an order?
  4. How soon can GOEden process my return request?
  5. Until when can I return my order?
  6. What is the return policy of GOEden?

delivery booking number;

detailed description of the lost, damaged, or destroyed Goods;

clear pictures of the lost, damaged, or destroyed Goods; and

possible cause of loss, damage, or destruction.



  1. How do I provide a product rating?
  2. What to consider when rating the product?
  3. What to consider in rating the logistics?



  1. What is GOEden’s Data Privacy Policy?
  2. Can I browse GOEden’s page (website and mobile) without providing any personal details?
  3. Can I remove my purchase history?
  4. Under what situations does GOEden collect personal data from me?
  5. How do I know the way(s) /purposes in which my personal data has been used?
  6. Why does GOEden collect my personal information?
  7. How doed GOEden secure my personal information?
  8. Does GOEden share my personal data to other parties?



Please email us at info@goedenph.com or call us at _____________.



  1. I want my products to be posted on your website? How?


Facebook Page: Replies and FAQs


Default Reply on facebook chat/website chat: How can GoEDEN help you? Thank you for reaching out to us.  Due to the volume of our online inquiries, we hope that you can extend your patience for our reply. We will do our best to get back to you soonest. You may also reach us through our page-  goedenph.com  or through email at info@goedenph.com


  1. What is GOEden?

GOEden is your online one-stop-shop for all your agricultural needs. 


  1. When will GOEden open?

Given the recent developments regarding Covid-19, GOEden also prioritizes the safety of its staff and partners. GOEden will launch its website soon. Please subscribe to our facebook page for weekly updates. 


  1. Is GOEden legitimate? How can we trust GOEden?

GOEden is a registered corporation under SEC with company Reg No: CS202050911. Please visit the SEC website to verify our legal entity. It is also registered as a business entity in Tarlac City. 


GOEden is founded by millennials with various technical expertise in agriculture, computer science, information technology and business development. Get to know them more at goedenph.com/whoweare. 


  1. How does GOEden work?

Are you from Region 3 and 4A or NCR? If yes, please visit goedenph.com/shop. Create your GOEden account. Browse and select your inputs. Add to cart and fill out the shipping address and proposed payment terms.


Check your municipality if it is serviceable by GOEden at goedenph.com/scope. If you cannot find your area, please extend your patience as GOEden is trying its best to reach you. Please subscribe to our newsletter and our facebook page for timely updates. We thank you for your patience.


  1. I am a buyer, how can I buy from your site?

Check your municipality if it is serviceable by goEDEN at goedenph.com/scope. If yes, please visit goedenph.com/shop. If not, please extend your patience as GoEDEN is trying its best to reach you. Please subscribe to our newsletter and our facebook page for timely updates. We thank you for your patience.


*Insert infographics on how to purchase*


  1. I am a supplier and I want my products on your website.

Please write us a formal email at info@goedenph.com indicating your company, distributorship application form (if any) and necessary documents for GoEDEN to become your online distributor, focal person, contact details and a copy of your catalog with detailed product descriptions, product registration and photos. Our head of operations will be happy to speak with your designated focal person. 


  1. Which areas do you serve?

Due to continuing quarantine measures, we currently serve Regions 3 and 4A as well as NCR. We are doing our best to reach you. Please subscribe to our newsletter and our facebook page for timely updates. We thank you for your patience.


  1. What are the payment terms?

GoEDEN accepts Cash on delivery, bank deposits, PDCs, Visa and Mastercard, as well as payments to payment centers: Western Union, LBC, Palawan and Cebuana.  


*Insert infographics*


  1. What other products are you offering?

GoEDEN offers various products from crop to animal care as well as urban garden starter kits, fertilizers, pesticides and the like. For an update product catalog, please visit goedenph.com/shop. 


*Insert shop page screenshot*


  1. What services are you offering?

GoEDEN offers consultations via email inquiries. Please email us at info@goedenph.com


  1. How can we reach you?

Please feel free to reach us at info@goedenph.com or at facebook messenger at GOEdenPH. 


  1. How do you deliver your products?

GoEDEN partners with its trusted logistics providers who are trained in material handling and safety of various agricultural products. We want our products to reach you at their best quality. 


  1. Can’t find the product you are looking for?

Please feel free to reach us at info@goedenph.com or at facebook messenger at goedenph. Let us know what you are looking for and we hope to make it available to our online catalog soon.


  1. What is your operating hours?

GoEDEN’s customer care team is here to assist you from 7 am to 7 pm daily except holidays. 


  1. Who can purchase from GoEDEN?

Due to continuing quarantine measures brought by Covid-19, we are restricting our travels so we cater to pooled and bulk orders to minimize contact with people in various areas. Your safety and our staff’s safety is also our priority.


If you are from NCR, we accept individual orders. Please visit goedenph.com/shop. 


If you are from Region 3 and Region 4A, you may course through your order to your nearest cooperative or farmer organization for BULK ORDERS. 


**How can we translate that we only accept bulk orders for Regions 3 and 4A?  What is the ceiling of orders? (min and maximum)


Serviceable Areas Due to Community Quarantine


As of _____, 2020, here is the list of Serviceable Areas due to the continuing community quarantine, areas below are serviceable by GOEden’s third-party logistics (LALAMOVE and TRANSPORTIFY).


Insert list