Syngenta Advance (500ml)


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 It is an early post-emergent herbicide for excellent control of annual grasses, sedges and certain broadleaves in transplanted rice, pre-germinated puddle-sown rice and drill seeded dryland or upland rice. 


Ingredients: Butachlor 350 g/L , Propanil 350 g/L,  Solvent-Xylene 130 g/L, Cyclohexanone 110 g/L 

Direction for use 

Pre-germinated Puddlo-sown  and Transplant Rice: 

  • Ensure thorough preparation and leveling of land for proper water management. 
  • Prepare small parallel canals for every 4–5-meter distance to drain excess water. 
  • Measure area of individual paddy to determine the exact amount of herbicide to be applied. 
  • Evenly Spray ADVANCE EC on saturated soil at 8-12 tbsp* / 16L sprayload 6-8 days after transplanting or 6-8 days after seeding 
  • Flush the field with water at 1-3 days after application but do not submerge the rice seedings. 

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