Allied Peters-9-45-15 (25lb)


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Peters Professional (9 - 45 - 15)  

Completely water – soluble foliar fertilizer especially formulated with m77 and chelated trace elements for maxi. 

  • 100% soluble nutrient spray that can be applied to fruits and other crops  
  • Safe and effective source of immediately available plant nutrients. Particularly suitable for fast growing fields, vegetable, and nursery crops. 
  • Uniform in analysis. Every drop contains the same analysis. 
  • Can be used as both spreader and acidifier. 
  • Contains chelating agents to assure availability without precipitating the major and microelements, including most pesticides and fungicides 
  • 6Contains no chlorides. 

Direction for Use: 

Mix 1 tablespoon of Peters Professional to 4 Liters of Water. Apply liberally to plants by spraying liberally to the plants. It is best applied just before nighttime.