Allied Osmocote 15-9-12 (50lb)


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Osmocote 15-9-12 

Recommended when growing a wide variety of plants. 100% resin-coated homogenous cores contain NPK plus essential micronutrients. Standard release pattern delivers a steady stream of nutrition throughout the growth cycle.  


  • ideal for greenhouse and nursery container plants, foliage production and landscaping -provides a safe and consistent source of nutrition throughout the season - 
  • CL’s Patterned Release Technology meets specific feeding cycles with unmatched consistency, efficiency and safety  
  • can be incorporated into growing media or surface applied in the container -use alone or in combination with a water-soluble fertilizer -safe for sensitive crops  
  • suitable for use with dibbling equipment  

Application rates: For incorporating; 3 pounds per cubic yard of soil. When using as topdressing in containers; for 1 gallon containers, 5 to 18 grams. For 2 gallon containers, 10 to 39 grams. For 3 gallon containers, 17 to 68 grams. For 5 gallon containers, 27 to 109 grams. For 7 gallon containers, 39 to 156 grams. When using as top dressing in open areas, 1 to 2lbs./100 sq.ft.