Allied Nordox 50WP (25g)


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Nordox 50 WP  

Contains orange-red microfine cuprous oxide Cu2O as active ingredient its very fine particle size enables it to penetrate and quickly stick onto plant surface. This properly enables it to stay on the plant and remain effective over a longer period of time. Tests show that compared to other fungicides. Nordox 50WP has better retention ability on plants even after it rains. This means less wash off, lower dosage rates and longer spraying intervals. 

Directions for use: 

Nordox 50WP is registered for the control of diseases of various agricultural corps listed below. For vegetable crops, apply at spray volume of 500 to 800 liters per hectare at 2-3 scoops per 16 liters knapsack sprayer. For big tank mix, use 150-300 grams per 100 litres of water. For tree crops, apply at spray volume of 3-50 liter per tree, depending on the size of the tree. 

Crops Diseases Scoop 6/  Liters 
Rice Bacterial Leaf Streak, Bacterial leaf Blight, Cercospora Leaf Spot 3-4 Scoops 
Cabbage Black Rot, Leaf Spot, Downey Mildew 2-3 
Cacao Pod Rot 2 
Carrot Leaf Blight 2-3 
Celery Leaf Spot, Leaf Blight 2-3 
Citrus Canker Scab 2 
Coffee Coffee Rist, Berry Diseases 2 
Cucumber Downey Mildew 2-3 
Mango Anthracnose 2 
Onion Purple Blotch 2 
Potato Late Blight 2-3 
Snap Beans Anthracnose, Rust 2-3 
Tomato Early Blight 2-3 


Frequency and Method of Application 

Spray Nordox 50WP immediately when symptoms of disease infection appear . Spray Should be repeated 7 to 14 days intervals until disease is controlled. Under sever disease infection. Apply at a higher rate and at shorter intervals. 

Compatiblity: NORDOX 50WP is compatible with most commonly used pesticides. 

Active Ingredients: Cuprous Oxide 575g/kg , Fillers 313g/kg , Suspending Agents 112g/kg