Vet Mate AK-47 5EC (1L)


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MANGO Leafhoppers , twig borer , tip borer , fruit fly 1.0-3.0
RICE Green leafhopper , brown planthopper ,
white - backed planthopper , leaffolder ,
stem borer , armyworm , rice bug
CABBAGE stem borer , armyworm , rice bug
Diamond - back moth , cabbage moth , worm
BEANS Diamond - back moth , cabbage moth , worm
Pod borer , beanfly , leafminer , aphids , cutworm
TOMATO Pod borer , beanfly aphids
Tomato fruitworm , aphids , beetle
WATERMELON Thrips , aphids , beetle 1.0-3.0
ONION Thrips , cutworm 1.0-3.0
BANANA Thrips , scarring beetle 1.0-3.0
COTTON Bollworms , cutworm , leafworm , aphids , leafhoppers , thrips , boll 1.0-3.0
TOBACCO leafhoppers , thrips , boll weevil
Budworm , cutworm , aphids , thrips
CORN Cornborer , earworm 1.0-4.5

COMPATIBILITY: Non-compatible with alkali-based compounds, e.g. copper fungicides.

PRE-HARVEST: When applied at recommended rates, very short or no harvest interval will
normally be necessary.

USE RE-ENTRY PERIOD: Re-entry to field is allowed as soon as spray dry. empty bottles and bury them in wastelands. Formulation is classified as a non-flammable and

STORAGE AND DISPOSAL: Store in original container tightly closed in a safe place. Do no contaminate pods, ditches and waterways with empty containers. Drain, wash out and break

Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Wash splashes of concentrate from skin and eyes immediately. Avoid working in a spray mist. Wash hands and exposed skin before meals and after work. Remove heavily contaminated clothing immediately and wash before re-use. Avoid contamination of any water supply with chemicals or empty container. Toxic to fish and bees

BABALA: Iwasang malagay sa mata o madikit sa balat. Kung mawiwisikan nito, maghugas kaagad ng tubig at sabon. Iwasang malanghap ang gamot. Hugasan ng tubig at sabon ang balat at kamay bago kumain at pagkatapos gumamit ng produkto. Labhang mabuti ang ginamit na damit bago isuot muli.

Large doses may produce tremors, ataxia and weakness of limbs.

ingested, give 1-2 glasses of water. Do not induce vomiting. May do gastric lavage f Dossible. If inhaled, remove from contaminated area and bring patient to fresh air. If breathing tops, artificial respiration. In case of skin contact remove contaminated clothing and wash fected areas with plain soap and water. If on eyes, flush eyes with clean running water for e
ast 15 minutes. In all cases, get medical attention immediately.

K-47 5EC can cause irritation and sensitization on exposure to skin and muc embranes. Product contains solvent which cause chemical pneumonitis. In case of system ectrolyte balance. In oral poisoning, avoid fats, oils and milk. Adrenaline and hydrocortison soning, treat symptomatically. Diazepam for convulsion and maintenance of fluid and
may be indicated in anaphylactic reactions.

is a violation of FPA rules and regulation to use this product in a manner inconsistent with label.

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