Who We Are

GOEden (ZION AGRICULTURAL VENTURES INC.) is an agritech startup born and bred in the Philippines. Incorporated in the middle of the pandemic, with limited activities due to regional lockdowns, GOEden has built its e-commerce backbone, secured our regulatory permits, and a network of suppliers and is currently offering over 1000 agricultural product brands, variants and varieties. This platform was built due to perennial problems encountered in the agriculture sector. We aim to create a consolidated and a more efficient agricultural supply chain in order for agrisupplies to reach even the most remote farming communities. We have been concentrating our operations in Luzon particularly in Central Luzon, province of Tarlac and looking forward to expand our reach within the next few years.

Our Vivid Vision

We look forward for the agricultural industry to be at par with other industries in terms of accessing information, options and expanding opportunities through digital means. Our proposal is centered towards linking our farmer-clients to various suppliers of agricultural supplies making canvassing, sourcing, purchasing and transporting agricultural supplies convenient for farmers.

Pillars of GOEden

Accessibility and Diversity

The GOEden platform aims to increase farmers’ access to information, agritech and various farming options through a diverse selection of brands and product types. Through e-commerce, we are translating the time and transportation costs spent by farmers in canvassing, sourcing, transporting agricultural supplies into productive economic activities as well as farm savings.

Education and Extension

GOEden’s role in education and extension is crucial as it provides technical information and science-based recommendations from its in-house Agriculturists both through digital means and field-based tech caravans. GOEden educates its farmer-clients on disease diagnosis, reading product labels, integrated pest management and correct usage and application of inputs before and after sales. All of these activities build trust and confidence to our farmer-clients on our goal of creating a farmer-friendly and trusted brand in the agricultural industry.

Authenticity and Quality

GOEden has complete training (ASD, ARCO) and regulatory permits from the Fertilizer and Pesticide Authority to market and sell agrochemicals and fertilizers. GOEden only sells the highest quality of products that adheres to industry standard (e.g. blue tags for certified rice seeds, agrochemicals and fertilizers duly registered with the FPA, new seeds with high germination rates, etc.).

Inclusive Digital Transformation in the Agricultural Sector

While many startups have been operating towards the end of the value chain providing better linkage of buyers to farm produce, very few to none are operating at the first node of the value chain- the production side. GOEden aims to create efficient agricultural supply chains through the consolidation of all agrisupplies into an e-commerce platform providing complete access to various product types and brands, product information, prices, options and various agritech developed by the private sector, MSMEs and State Universities and Colleges (SUCs) and at the same time integrating access to financial services.

Through this closed-looped, interconnected digital agri e-cosystem, farmers can have an improved access to agricultural inputs where science-based recommendations are also given to them and in order to influence and improve their decision-making process which hopefully leads to better farm productivity.

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